After listening to Chief Joe Martins Uzodike, Akanemeze ANMABRA state, Dike Udo and CEO of J.J MARTINS Publishers, the Power behind Political Powers in the State, when he argued on Radio Nwoke Oraifite over the LOCAL GOVERNMENT Election and the unseen distractions, I was aghast and in state of Ndia egbuo ndia,as it opened a new dimension to the entire kpukpum kpu ogene, Shone light to the very dark areas of Political ndonu.


I became more confused digesting the Political analysis of that TOP NOTCH political King Maker, as it is obvious that LGA ELECTION is same as welu Ewu manye ogbiri and or welu ogbiri manye Ewu or as Englishman will paraphrase “Choosing between the Devil and Deep blue Sea”, and Ndi Igbo will heave with a sigh of resignation ” Ukwa ana api, mkpuru adighi ya “. Which my Old man will adumbrate with “óó nkea bu ira mbejiaku na ikwu udo, balu ofu.

His expose on the Radio program provides… ANSIEC was last functional and operational in ANMABRA State in 2013 and then got crippled for over 11 years now without any iota of remnant from the fragment of the body.


So to conduct LOCAL GOVERNMENT Election Today will require a Brand new creation (Not even restoration) for ANSIEC, which means another mis-channeled Fund and we know how imazu billions is no Longer anything to government, and ANSIEC is like a remote control in the hand of any Anambara State Governor as he appoints every person working in that Office and we all know and agree that HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER, DICTATES THE TUNE coming out from that Flute. English Legend will say that even dogs pay heed more to the owner.


From experience over the years while LGA ELECTION lasted, it’s established that any party in power gets the entire slot because ANSIEC simply announce the names provided by any incumbent Governor who appoints and pay them, and his choice of names announced as winners, so the quest for fair play is out of the question. Such Enterprise is just to legitimize mpu na Aghugho within the confines of the laws .


Also to reactivate or create new ANSIEC today will gulp couple of Billions of our State Naira,, So it’s safer to assume na nma di nkó enweró isi and nke Nwelu isi adighi nkó ,but we must strike a balance,the question should be, where is the balance?


So between allowing the Governor to continue recycling TC(Transition CHAIRMAN) or bring sets of stooges who also sign off the ALLOCATION from Feds, take certain diluted share and let the Governor to continue using the LGA fund as personal inheritance is same people.

The quandary is, which of the waste is better?


To spend Billions conducting ERECTION in place of election and yet the status quo remains or we continue the recycling that is changed every 3 months?

We know that Democracy should be better implemented, but this particular one is warped. Sometimes I Wonder which carpenter wrote the book of laws we have in this Nation.


THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION is to allow State INEC to take over the Duties of ANSIEC ,that will reduce cost by using existing electoral structure to Carry on an independent election ,that way there will be competition with completion and not theatrics of the absurd.


Federal Government should scrap all state electoral body and transfer the acts to state INEC,ka enwe so sanity balance at the corridors of Power.

If not ,we can legitimize the atúghige agholukwa, but ife na ebe, ka gana ebetó .


Instead to back us as in ikwó na azu and our knees will be scrapping the ground, it’s better and safer,you unback us to walk freely without the added injuries that disguises as aiding ,lets continue walking the distance with quantified pains.


Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Minority Opinion writer na South East.

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