Uriel Oputa: Why I can’t advise my brothers to date Nigerian women

Uriel Oputa: Why I can't advise my brothers to date Nigerian women

Former BBNaija contestant, Uriel Oputa, has raised concerns about materialism among Nigerian women, cautioning against dating those who prioritize constant financial demands from men.

In a critique shared on her Instagram page, Uriel questioned the trend of placing a monetary value on various aspects of relationships, including their “private area.”

Uriel stressed the importance of mutual respect in giving and receiving financial support, rather than expecting it as a matter of course.

Acknowledging economic challenges, she expressed her desire for a relationship where both partners care for each other, but lamented the prevalent materialistic attitudes.

She wrote:

“We are living in desperate Times. Ladies how did we get to the stage of asking a guy you just met to pay for your hair, so you can go on a Date with him.?? Why can’t we have respect for ourselves?? Why must we bill at every opportunity?? Even if he gives you money let it be out of Respect. Why are we putting price Tags on our Private Area?? Is it Plantain? We are living is Desperate Times Wickedness full every where The Rich and poor No dey smile. Pls evaluate your Favourite because they could potentially land you 6 ft under.

“I love a Man to look after me but just also be willing to look after him too Honestly with the way things are I would advise my brother not to Date Nigerian women.”

In May 2020, Uriel Oputa revealed why she will never do wifey duties for a boyfriend again.

She took to her Instalive to make the revelation.

According to the singer and entrepreneur, men don’t know what they want and she cannot make the same mistake twice.

“There are so many good girls out there and they are single, me I am one of them, but you are right, if I am to meet anybody right now, me that I like to cook very well, you will not catch me cooking in his house, no, I will not not make that mistake twice.

I don’t believe in giving a man wifey duties. The men of these days are not ready, they like the idea of having a girlfriend, but they don’t really know what they want” She said

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