Tolani Baj: How I inspired J Hus’ song featuring Drake

Tolanibaj: How I inspired J Hus' song featuring Drake

DJ Tolani Baj, a former contestant on the reality show Big Brother Naija and a popular disc jockey, has stated that her previous controversial statement suggesting men shouldn’t dance in clubs served as inspiration for British rapper J Hus’ track “Who Told You Bad Man Don’t Dance,” which features Canadian rapper Drake.


In a recent interview with Clout Radio, she stated further on her stance, emphasizing that while men are indeed capable of dancing, they should do so with respect.

Referring to her past tweet on the matter, she humorously mentioned that her influence even extended to the realm of music.


According to Tolani Baj, it’s perfectly acceptable for men to showcase their dance moves, as long as they do it in a manner that doesn’t embarrass their partners.

“I am a DJ, people can dance. Everybody can dance. You guys are still owing me from the tweet [that men shouldn’t dance in clubs].


“I tweeted it years ago. Can I breathe? I even inspired J Hus’ song, ‘Who Told You Bad Man Don’t Dance.’ TBaj told y’all.

“Men can dance, they can legwork but respectfully. Because if you’ve a babe, you can’t be embarrassing her like that.”

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