Tips for Women: What men lack

Tips for Women: What men lack


1-. A lot of men had no father or mentor to teach him how to be a man. When you see him putting effort, appreciate that

2-. A lot of men grew up not knowing how to accept and express emotions, they are emotionally weak. That is why if you bring drama, they will just keep quiet to find some form of peace. Buy when you engage him patiently and peacefully, you will teach him how to be real with his emotions.


3-. A lot of men have their guard up. They are not vulnerable with anyone, not their male friends, their children or their wives. It is tiring, he wants to let his guard down but first he wants to know: “Am I safe with you? If I open up to you will judge me, change how you view me or use the information against me?”

4-. You can’t change a man, you can only influence him to be better by calling out his greatness, celebrating the good he does and correcting him with love.


5-. A lot of men feel women have double standards; that women are allowed to speak a certain way, are justified to be rude and don’t need to apologize when wrong. Show him that his feelings matter too

6-. Don’t be so quick to accuse your man of something that you are not sure of, it pushes him away.


7-. A lot of men measure respect by the words you use and the tone with which you speak. In case your husband says he doesn’t feel respected, check your mouth and the words you text.

8-. Because a lot of men choose the path of less stress, when you give him silent treatment, he will not confront you but also keep quiet. Silent treatment works against you. You can be mad but don’t cut off communication.


9-. A lot of men focus on tangible and material things to feel important such as money and investment. Show him his value is beyond that, celebrate his good traits that are not financial and that money cannot buy

10-. The goal is not to police your man and micromanage him; the goal is to help him balance his family time, work life, time with friends, time for hobbies and time for just himself.

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