Taking Care of your Woman’s Emotions

Taking Care of your Woman's Emotions


1-. Give her eye contact when she is talking to you, it makes her feel important.

2-. When she is venting, allow her to speak. It is healthy for her not to bottle things inside.

3-. Touch her. Rub her hand, hold her waist, kiss her. Physical touch is a window to her emotions.


4-. When she is crying, don’t leave the room. Hug her, comfort her, whether she is crying because of you or of another issue.

5-. Ask her how she is, how she slept, how her day has been. Good morning, good night makes her feel cared for.

6-. When she is worked up over an issue that you don’t find a big deal, don’t tell her she is petty. This makes her feel understood.


7-. Get to know more about the family planning methods she uses. Some of them affect her hormones, her hormones affect her emotions.

8-. Learn how she behaves during her menstrual cycle. Some women get moody during that time of the month. Study your Queen.

9-. Love on her publicly and privately. Give her clarity that she is the only one, don’t entertain other women. This will make her feel secure.


10-. Understand when she cries tears of joy. It means alot to her when you touch her heart to the point of tears.

11-. When she doubts her beauty, remind her of her beautiful and sexy she is.

12-. When she complains about something don’t take it as an offense, she is actually giving you a tip on how to love her better. Make use of the tip so that she won’t have to complain again.

Taking Care of your Woman's Emotions
Taking Care of your Woman’s Emotions

13-. When she is mad and unsettled, don’t join her and become mad and unsettled too. Be that calm and assuring voice that makes her feel less defensive and less edgy.

14-. Appreciate her, tell her thank you and recognise all she does. Sometimes, this is all a woman needs to feel loved

15-. Don’t emotionally abuse her by speaking words that hurt. Such words can haunt her for years.


16-. If she doubts you two will last, give her the reassurance that even though you are going through a tough time, you are not letting her go. That alone wll encourage her to stand with you.

17-. Pray for her in her presence. Many women long that their man would cover them spiritually.

18-. Don’t demand for sex when she is hurting. Doing so will only make her feel used and a sex toy.


19. Apologise when you wrong her. Some women’s hearts have been broken for years because all they have been waiting for is “I am sorry”. Tone down your ego and you will love her emotionally.

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