Success story: how Nigerian players won big money in the Golden Season promo

On January 24, the global bookmaker 1xBet solemnly awarded the four winners in the Golden Season hot promo. The ceremony was held at the Lagos betting office.
The lucky participants did not hide their emotions and happily talked about the secrets of their great success.

Maduka Ikechukwu, who won the $2,000 grand prize, shared his winning recipe:
“I am a teacher and have been placing small bets for 2 years. The win came as a complete surprise to me because I don’t use any advanced strategies but simply support my favorite teams. I advise everyone left without a prize today not to
despair and take part in the 1xBet new promos – everyone can win!”

Onwuamaegbu Azubuike won $500 and admitted that he would soon celebrate a so-called anniversary of his relationship with 1xBet: “Any player could have been the winner, but I was that lucky one! Perhaps fate thanked me for my devotion to
my favorite bookmaker. I have been betting on 1xBet since my student days, and in 2025, I will be celebrating 10 years of continuous gambling. I don’t have any secrets, but I pay much attention to team statistics and often guess their next match results. Betting on 1xBet started as a regular sports hobby, but now it provides me with a good additional income.”

Ogunje Babatunde also won $500, noting that success requires perseverance: “I think it was luck. I work as an engineer in the telecommunications field. I admit that I consider betting risky, but I try to play it safe and conduct statistical analysis before making a forecast. I was very happy and surprised when I learned about my success in the prediction competition, and I have already advised my friends to follow my example and try their hand at 1xBet promos. Someday, they will be as lucky as me.”

Ogedengbe Lionel won $200 and now dreams of the top prize: “It was luck. I am a businessman and have known 1xBet for 2 years. I don't have a strategy, and I just bet what I can afford to lose. Suddenly, I found myself among the promo winners! Now, I have new motivation to make sports forecasts and participate in promos. You’ll see, next time I’ll be the main winner!”

You can become a new promo winner, too!

It is worth paying attention to the advice of the Golden Season promo lucky winners – after all, they have already achieved success. The key to victory may be a combination of good sports knowledge, intuition, and luck. To be successful in the prediction contest, you don’t need to spend your last money – most of our winners won thanks to small bets starting from $2.

Don’t miss the chance to take a big cash prize and win valuable gifts or bonuses to your gaming account in our next promos, which you can find in the Promos section on the 1xBet website and social media.

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