ShabZi Madallion now Senior Technical Producer for 5FM

ShabZi Madallion now Senior Technical Producer for 5FM

Johannesburg, South Africa – ShabZi Madallion, the acclaimed Johannesburg-based hip hop and rap artist, is excited to announce two significant milestones in his career. Firstly, he will be heading the technical production for 5FM’s brand new Afternoon Drive show, known as 5 Drive aka The Super Drive Show. Additionally, ShabZi has collaborated with DJ Tshepi and RaidmusiQ on the electrifying new Amapiano track “ASHUU.”


A New Era on 5FM

ShabZi Madallion, born Leshabe Mpho Rampedi, reflects on his journey at 5FM, where he has amassed nearly a decade of experience. Starting with a humble mindset, he embraced every role, from board controlling to assisting with studio technical matters, crafting original show intros, and contributing to two hip-hop shows as a technical and content producer.

During the pandemic, ShabZi was among the essential workers ensuring the station’s smooth operation. His in-depth knowledge of the studio’s intricacies and troubleshooting skills proved invaluable during those challenging times.



Now, as the Senior Technical Producer for 5 Drive, ShabZi joins the incredibly talented team of Zanele Potelwa, Nick Archibald, Yanga Mjoli, Jude Van Wyk, and Masego Thlakanye. Reflecting on this new role, he shares, “It feels like everything is coming full circle. I started at 5FM ready to accept any role to make a mark in radio. Becoming the official producer for 5 Lunch with Zanele and Yanga was a pivotal moment, and now, we’re all moving to drive time together. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and ready to bring even more creativity and innovation to the world of radio.”


About ShabZi Madallion:

With a career spanning over ten years, ShabZi Madallion, born Leshabe Mpho Rampedi, is a highly skilled hip hop and rap artist. His versatility as a musician is evident in his ability to write, rap, engineer, mix, and master his own records. Known for his dedication to his craft, ShabZi continues to push the boundaries of his artistry. His notable achievements include being the runner-up on MNET’s “The Hustle,” producing music for Netflix’s “The Unlearning,” and collaborating on international projects featured on BBC and Netflix.

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