Say goodbye to these 8 attention-seeking behaviors, if you want to be respected in life

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In life, respect is earned, not given. And sometimes, the behaviors we think are earning us respect are actually pushing people away.

One common culprit? Attention-seeking behaviors. They may feel rewarding in the moment, but they’re not doing you any long-term favors.


If you’re serious about being respected in life, it’s time to bid adieu to these behaviors once and for all.


Stick with me as we uncover the 8 attention-seeking behaviors you need to ditch to gain the respect you truly deserve.


1) Craving validation
We all like to be admired and appreciated. But there’s a fine line between healthy self-esteem and constant need for validation.

When you’re always looking for someone else to validate your worth, you’re essentially sending a message that you don’t value yourself. And if you don’t value yourself, why should others?

The first step in earning respect is to respect yourself. Believe in your own worth without needing others to constantly affirm it.

So, say goodbye to the constant need for validation. Trust me, it’s one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself, and it will go a long way towards earning the respect of others.


2) Oversharing on social media
In today’s digital age, it’s tempting to share every detail of our lives on social media. But trust me, this can do more harm than good when it comes to earning respect.

I remember a time when I’d post nearly everything that happened in my day on Facebook. From what I had for breakfast to the new shoes I bought, everything was up for public viewing. I thought it was a good way to stay connected with my friends and family.

But over time, I realized that oversharing was actually driving people away. It seemed like I was desperate for attention, and that’s not a trait that commands respect.

So, I made a conscious decision to cut back on my social media posts. I started sharing only important updates or things that were genuinely interesting. And guess what? People started respecting me more.


3) Constantly interrupting others
Did you know that an average person can only focus on a task for about 8 seconds before getting distracted? That’s less than a goldfish. Now, imagine having a conversation where you’re constantly being interrupted.

Interrupting others not only shows disrespect for their thoughts and opinions, but also displays a lack of patience and self-control. It gives the impression that you value your own thoughts more than those of others.

To gain respect, it’s crucial to practice active listening skills. Allow others to finish their thoughts before responding. You’ll be surprised at how much more enriching your conversations can become.


4) Exaggerating accomplishments
We all have a natural urge to impress others, and sometimes, that can lead us to embellish our accomplishments. But honestly, this is a shortcut that shortchanges your credibility.

Exaggerating your achievements can make you come across as insecure and dishonest. People respect those who are genuine and humble about their success.

Focus on being authentic. Celebrate your achievements without overstating them.

Real respect comes from trust and honesty. And honesty begins with being true to oneself.


5) Always playing the victim
Life can be tough, and we all face hardships. But constantly playing the victim isn’t going to earn you respect. In fact, it often pushes people away.

No one wants to be around someone who is always mired in negativity and self-pity. It’s emotionally draining and tends to create a cloud of gloom.

The key here is resilience. It’s about facing your challenges head-on, learning from them, and growing stronger. It’s about turning your setbacks into comebacks.

When you choose resilience over constant victimhood, you radiate strength and determination. And these are traits that naturally command respect.

Respect is earned by those who show courage in the face of adversity, not by those who consistently dwell on their misfortunes.


6) Seeking constant spotlight
In my younger years, I often found myself striving to be the center of attention. Whether it was cracking jokes at parties or dominating conversations, I thought being in the spotlight was the key to earning respect.

Over time, I realized it was quite the opposite. People were more annoyed than impressed. Being the constant center of attention wasn’t earning me respect, it was simply making me look self-absorbed.

I learned that respect doesn’t come from always being in the spotlight. Instead, it comes from recognizing and appreciating others, from listening more than speaking, from being a team player rather than a one-man show.

If you want to be respected, take a step back from the constant spotlight. Make room for others to shine too. You’ll be surprised at the respect you earn in return.


7) Bragging constantly
Bragging is a clear sign of insecurity and a desperate cry for attention. While it’s absolutely fine to take pride in your achievements, constantly boasting about them can be off-putting.

Bragging can create distance between you and others. It gives the impression that you’re more interested in flaunting your achievements than in connecting with people on a genuine level.

Instead, let your actions speak for themselves. People will respect you more for your humility and modesty. So, say goodbye to constant bragging, and let your accomplishments shine on their own merit.


8) Comparing yourself to others
The moment you start comparing yourself to others is the moment you lose your self-respect. Everyone has their own journey, their own pace, and their own achievements. Respect comes from recognizing your own worth and not measuring it against someone else’s. So, stop the comparison game. You are unique, and that’s your power.


Final thoughts: It’s about growth
At the heart of each of these attention-seeking behaviors lies one common thread – the desire to be seen, valued, and respected. But true respect cannot be demanded or begged for. It is earned through authenticity, humility, and personal growth.


Remember the words of American author and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” Your actions and attitudes speak volumes about who you are.

Choosing to let go of these behaviors is not about suppressing who you are. On the contrary, it’s about becoming a better version of yourself. It’s about cultivating a sense of self-worth that doesn’t rely on the validation of others.


As you journey towards this goal, remember that it’s okay to falter. The road to self-improvement is not always smooth. But with each step, you grow stronger, more resilient, and more deserving of respect.

So keep walking. Because in this journey of life, the pursuit of respect is not just about being admired by others. It’s about learning to respect yourself.


Lachlan Brown

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