Sara Ramirez, Ryan DeBolt joins the divorce club

Sara Ramirez, Ryan DeBolt joins the divorce club

Sara Ramirez and their estranged partner Ryan DeBolt are the latest members in the divorce club.


The “And Just Like That” actress, who uses they/them pronouns, recently moved to end their marriage legally. In court documents obtained by The Blast, they revealed their relationship with Ryan had ended over five years ago.


Sara Ramirez first announced their separation from Ryan DeBolt in July 2021.


On Monday, Sara filed to officially sever their ties to Ryan at the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. They revealed they had legally taken their estranged husband’s last name, with their full name listed as “Sara DeBolt.”


As for why they wished to dissolve their union, Sara cited the ever-popular reason, “irreconcilable differences,” noting that they had concluded their relationship with Ryan on January 1, 2018 — three years before they announced their breakup in 2021.


Sara confirmed the estranged couple tied the knot on July 14, 2018, and listed the time frame of their romance to separation as five years and five months. They seemed eager to wrap up their ties to Ryan, avoiding problematic requests like attorney fees and spousal support.


Sara Does Not Want Spousal Support
The actress implored the Court to terminate its ability to award them and Ryan spousal support. The same applied to their attorney fees and costs of the proceedings, which Sara noted they should cover respectively.


As for the division of their assets, the non-binary entertainer shared that they had no community properties. However, they were unaware of the “full nature and extent” of their separate property, assets, and obligations.

“When same is ascertained, Petitioner will seek leave to amend this Petition or indicate same in their Preliminary and/or Final Declaration of Disclosure, consistent with the Prenuptial Agreement and the Amendments,” the documents explained.


Since Sara and Ryan have a prenuptial agreement, their divorce proceedings may go smoothly. However, it is unclear how the actress’s estranged beau will react to their dissolution of marriage petition.


What may have lead to Divorce 
Four years after Sara tied the knot to Ryan in an intimate beach ceremony in 2012, they came out as bisexual and queer. They broke the big news at a summit for True Colors United, a non-profit organization that fights against youth LGBTQ+ homelessness.


However, they dropped those tags to embrace their non-binary identity in August 2020. Sara announced the big news on Instagram with a selfie alongside the words:

“New profile pic. In me is the capacity to be girlish boy, boyish girl, boyish boy, girlish girl. All. Neither.”


A year later, they shocked fans by revealing the end of their marriage to Ryan on Instagram, per Bustle. Their joint statement partially read:

“Ryan and I are no longer together. We remain loving and supportive in how we are choosing to forge our new individual paths.”


Sara addressed their separation from Ryan in an interview in November 2021. They described their breakup as a “very tender and vulnerable process,” noting there had been so much love between them and their estranged husband. In their words:

“We had a foundation of real love. I am just so grateful that we were able to work through that process with such grace, with such integrity, with such honesty, and open communication. We were rooting each other on every step of the way.”


Sara stressed that they and Ryan remained amicable, claiming they could reflect on their dissolved union with humor and positivity. They revealed that they often thought they had “married the right man” because there was no one else they would want to be divorced from.


In their candid interview, Sara doubled down on being friends with Ryan following the end of their union. They stressed that they had a strong bond, allowing them to joke about their failed marriage without getting hurt.

“We have the kind of foundation of love where we can joke like that. But it’s because we’re holding space for each other as friends,” Sara explained. Despite their close bond, they noted the pair still needed time to process their split privately.

“I’m really, really proud of the way that we have moved through things,” they said. Another chapter they were moving on from was HBO Max’s “And Just Like That” series, where they stole viewers’ hearts as the non-binary comedian Che Diaz.


In February, Variety shared that multiple sources had shared that Sara would not be returning to the show for its third season. Some reports speculated they were fired over their pro-Palestinian views, while others claimed their character’s time on the series was over.

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