Policeman shot dead while trying to kill a Judge

Policeman shot dead while trying to kill a Judge

A senior policeman has been shot dead after he opened fire at a Judge in Nairobi, Kenya.


The chief inspector opened fire on Makadara Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti shortly after she made a ruling in a case reportedly involving his wife.


This is after she sentenced the officer’s wife to life imprisonment.


The officer is said to have been angered by the court’s decision to cancel her bail after she had absconded.


Chief Inspector Samson Kipchirchir Kipruto was identified as the officer who opened fire in Court Number 9 shortly after Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti delivered a ruling regarding his wife that said she must be remanded into custody pending the provision of a probation report in a case involving obtaining land by false pretenses.


Officer Samson Kipchirchir Kipruto, who is in charge of a police station in Londiani in western Kenya, pulled out a gun and shot the magistrate.

Other officers in court responded immediately, with one of them shooting the offending policeman and killing him.


In the process, three other officers were injured, a police report said.

The magistrate and the injured officers are being treated in hospital.


The judiciary said the magistrate had “cancelled the bond for an accused person who had jumped bond and had failed to offer satisfactory explanations for jumping bond”.

“Immediately this decision was pronounced, a person shot at the magistrate and injured her on the hip,” it said in a statement.


It noted initial reports that indicated “that the shooter is a police officer who is married to the suspect”.

The national police service said the officer was in the court for “unknown reasons”.


Investigations are continuing to establish the circumstances that led to the shooting, it said.

Policeman shot dead while trying to kill a Judge
Policeman shot dead while trying to kill a Judge

The incident inside a courtroom has come as a shock to Kenyans.

The police have often been accused of being involved in extra-judicial killings but no such incident has been reported inside court.

The judiciary has said It will enhance security measures and has assured judicial staff and other court users of their safety and security.


“As the judiciary family, we wish our colleague a quick recovery. We also send our condolences to the family of the officer who lost his life in this unfortunate incident,” said chief registrar of the judiciary Winfridah Mokaya.


“The Judiciary strongly condemns this act of violence and calls upon the national security agencies to respond to this occurrence with utmost urgency and sensitivity,” Kenya’s Chief Justice Martha Koome said in a statement. “The perpetrator forcibly entered Court through the Magistrate’s entrance and fired shots at Hon. Kivuti injuring her severally on the chest and pelvic area. It is clear that the intention of the perpetrator was to kill the Magistrate.”


Koome added that the shooting raised concerns about judicial security as a court orderly and two officers who tried to remove the magistrate from the courtroom also sustained gunshot wounds.

She noted that the incident occurred in a public court of law, exposing judicial officers, court users and members of the public to a serious threat of attack and injury.


Koome said people across the country are not allowed to access court premises while armed, except for officers properly accredited to provide security at specified court stations.

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