Many Nigerians, including myself, have expressed disappointment over Victor Osimhen ‘s recent social media outburst. The Super Eagles and Napoli talisman, and reigning African Best Player, failed to manage his impulses as a professional, choosing instead to respond to allegations regarding his commitment to the national team in a derogatory manner. Osimhen’s commitment to the game has never been questioned, whether for club or country; this is a fact.


Unwittingly, Osimhen has become a tool for some NFF officials seeking to discredit local coaches and justify appointing an expatriate coach, from whom they benefit their selfish and individual interests. Finidi George’s appointment was a sinister plot, and his failure was predictable. Emmanuel Amunike was a better choice, but the NFF cabal opted for Finidi, knowing he would fail.


The midnight appointment of Finidi sparked outrage among Nigerian football fans who questioned the criteria for his selection and the fate of Nigeria ahead of the crucial 2026 World Cup qualifiers. With only two points from six in the African World Cup qualifiers and the Super Eagles already in a dilemma of not qualifying for the next World Cup after their failure to qualify for Qatar in 2022, the NFF saw an opportunity to push their agenda against local coaches and bring in an expatriate, despite the country’s inability to afford such a waste of dollars.



Finidi George’s lack of results has put the Super Eagles in a difficult position, and the recent clashes with senior players in the Eagles camp have only fueled sentiments against local coaches just as plotted by the NFF with Finidi’s preference ahead of more qualified candidates. Additionally, Osimhen’s outburst has played into the hands of the NFF, who will use it to justify appointing another mediocre expatriate coach. I disagree with Osimhen’s actions, as he allowed himself to be a willing tool for the NFF due to his inability to manage his impulses and went full throttle against the helpless Finidi George.

Regardless of the NFF’s decisions on Finidi George, an expatriate coach is not the solution for the Super Eagles. While the players may not feel comfortable with Finidi George, who has continued to struggle unsuccessfully for fans love and acceptance, they MUST join the fans in forcing the NFF to interview and appoint our best local coaches for the job without bias.


The cabal at the NFF must not win this fight to continue their masturb@tion on football development in Nigeria.


Uloka Chibuike

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