ORLU STATE: When Silence is Not Golden

ORLU STATE: When Silence is Not Golden

There has been a proposal in the Federal House of Representatives pitching Ihiala, Uli (Under Ihiala Federal Constituency) to proposed new state with eponym “Orlu State”, which is the brainchild of Hon. Ugochinyere, member representing Ideato North/South Federal Constituency in Imo State.


While the people of Ihiala have been sleeping and waking to know where the ship mast is directing to, we are unperturbed because we have someone representing us in Abuja, Hon. Paschal Agbodike (Mmirioma). We want to hear him speak to us that all is well and there is much ado about nothing.


Recently, Hon. Paschal Agbodike has taken to his Facebook page to wish Christian faithful happy Easter on March 31st , Muslim faithful Happy Eid Mubarak on 10th April, Mother’s Day Celebration on 14th of April, Birthday wishes to Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Ikpeazu and other event notes, all in 2024, but why is our Honourable Minister silent when his own constituency has been on the lips of everyone as “Orlu State”? This act could mean that silence is no more golden, but needs some explanations.


We want explanations our Honourable Minister. Should we downplay such purported state creation or get worried? We are not in Abuja but we have you there representing us in Abuja. Even if you can’t speak directly to us , your media aides can address us for we are not far from their reach.

ORLU STATE: When Silence is Not Golden

Could the purported state creation be just a folly or publicity stunt? Should we calm down and move our statehood from Anambra State to ” Orlu State ” Honourable Minister, leaving you behind or you will go with us or join us later?

If you are yet to speak on this matter, despite the agenda setting approach being displayed on the media, we can’t help but ask, ” If gold rust, what will iron do?


Honourable Peter Peter Uzokwe has already distanced Ozubulu from such proposal which is yet to go into second reading. Uzokwe made his stand clear that he is not in support of such proposal.

Hon Paschal Agbodike, Mmirioma, speak to us in the language we will understand for being silent in a matter like this could only make us wonder if you are still representing us in Abuja.


Uchenna Okwundu
Concerned Son of Ihiala.

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