Nnamdi Kanu too big to contemplate escape – Lawyer, Ejimakor

Nnamdi Kanu too big to contemplate escape - Lawyer, Ejimakor

Barrister Aloy Ejimakor, the lead Counsel of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has denied reports that the agitator escaped from his holding facility at the Department of State Services, DSS, in Abuja.

Ejimakor was reacting to claims that Kanu had escaped from custody with his case file.


Speaking with DAILY POST On Friday, the lawyer praised Kanu’s determination to combat injustice from within the system and dismissed the idea of him fleeing.


Ejimakor said: “It’s not true. I will be visiting him today by 2:00 pm. Kanu is a responsible and courageous freedom fighter and he is determined to stay put to fight the injustice within the system, not outside of it. He is too big to contemplate the option of escaping.”


It was reported on social media that the leader of IPOB escaped from DSS custody with his case file on Thursday.


The Facebook post reads: “Breaking news: Nnamdi Kanu escapes from DSS custody with case file.

“According to reliable sources, Kanu’s escape was executed with meticulous planning and precision, catching the authorities off guard.

“Details surrounding the escape remain murky, with speculation ranging from insider assistance to external support.”


Meanwhile, Barrister Ejimakor, has accused the Nigerian government of detaining the IPOB leader based on a ‘manipulation game of guilty by association’.

Ejimakor pointed out that the increase in insecurity in the Southeast region whenever Kanu’s case came up in court seemed to be a carefully coordinated effort by various criminal elements and their sponsors to pressure the Presidency and the court into prolonging Kanu’s detention further.


According to Ejimakor, the Nigerian government continues to attribute the activities of criminals, murderers, and kidnappers to IPOB without conducting any investigation or providing credible evidence.

He noted that it was aimed at complicating the pursuit of justice for Kanu.


Ejimakor said, “The now predictable spike in insecurity (in Southeast) anytime the court date of Nnamdi Kanu is approaching appears to be a well-orchestrated effort by disparate criminal elements and their sponsors to influence the Presidency and the Court into not freeing Kanu from what has, by the dint of the Supreme Court judgment, degenerated to extra-constitutional detention.

“These false flags are thinly disguised maneuvers to cast IPOB and Kanu in bad light. It’s an ancient mind manipulation game called ‘guilty by association’, all aimed at complicating the pursuit of justice for Kanu.


“The Fifth Columnists appear to have forgotten that MNK had, on one of his recent court appearances, challenged the Federal Government to release him and see if insecurity in the Southeast will not end in 2 minutes.

“By refusing to take MNK at his word, the lives lost between the last court hearing and still counting must be blamed on those that are blocking the release of MNK.


“In reality, these people are the true merchants of the insecurity in Southeast, not MNK or IPOB. And the question to ask is this: Why must the activities of criminals, murderers and kidnappers be attributed to IPOB without any investigation, without any credible evidence?”

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