Marriage Proposal: How soon should a lady say YES to a man?

Marriage Proposal: How soon should a lady say YES to a man?


Some ladies keep asking me how soon they are to give a man response to his marriage proposal. As soon as you know the answer of course. There is no point asking him to wait for years on end so you won't appear cheap. It doesn't make any sense!


If you need to pray, tell him so and the answer to your prayers shouldn’t take up to 3 months unless your relationship with God is dead and buried. If not, a week maximum is okay. God is not deaf and dumb! He heard your prayers and gave you your answer. You are the one who is not picking. Some people are spiritually hard of hearing and need spiritual surgery to get the ears opened.


God speaks all the time and He doesn’t waste time giving answers. All these “I have been praying for decades but He is not speaking.” Is calling God a liar! He spoke. You are the one who didn’t hear!

Once a man is sending you signal, start praying. I gave my husband a no wasting time YES on the spot because I knew before he proposed he is my husband.


I don’t like someone wasting my time so I didn’t waste his.

Guys should not waste time on ladies who enjoy wasting men’s time!

Don’t waste a man’s time because you are praying and fasting. 3 months of waiting on God is okay! God has spoken! Open your ears and let the message enter!


Do not accept a proposal because the guy said he heard God. Go and hear God by yourself and don’t be stupid! Any devil can come claiming he heard God. Ladies should not throw away their brain because some one proposed!

Do not let any man rush you into giving an answer when you are not yet sure what the answer is either! Be balanced. Locate wisdom. Swallow it and apply it.


If your answer to a proposal is NO please, for God’s sake, make it easy for the brother to save face by being polite. It is not easy proposing and getting rejected. Being rude doesn’t make you virtuous, it makes you unattractive!

Humble and polite women are super attractive all the time.


Once again. Saying YES on the spot doesn’t make you cheap and desperate. It means you know exactly want you want and you are confident enough to go for it. Men admire confident women.

May the good Lord grant you understanding.

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  1. Your writing has a way of resonating with me on a deep level. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought and effort into each piece, and it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

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