Madam B, the hottest South African High School Teacher

Meet Lulu Menziwa, also known as Madam B. She is the hottest South African high school mathematics teacher who made several students love her subject. Her students never misses her class. They love mathematics because of her.

The fun fact is that She has holds a Bs degree in Education Management and a Master’s degree in Mathematics.

Madam B, the hottest South African High School Teacher

She was recently voted the best dressed teacher in South Africa. Menziwa is also known for her famous curves and the figure-hugging clothes she wears in the classroom.



About Madam B

Lulu Menziwa (born November 1, 1992), whose real name is Buhle Menziwa, is a celebrated South African mathematics educator, entrepreneur, model, and social media influencer.

Renowned for her form-fitting attire and bold demeanour, she has garnered attention for her effective teaching methods and ability to engage with students. While she has received acclaim for her teaching skills, Lulu Menziwa has also faced criticism for her clothing choices, with some expressing concerns about their perceived appropriateness for a teacher.

Madam B, the hottest South African High School Teacher

Operating under the “madambclothing” brand, she has established her own clothing line. Under the Madam B label, she also owns Madam B Skin Products, a skincare line featuring body scrubs, face cream, face serum, soap, and more.

Menziwa maintains her family’s privacy, and details about her siblings are not publicly disclosed.


Lulu Menziwa primarily works as a mathematics teacher, imparting knowledge to high school students at a local institution. While making strides in teaching, she has gained notable recognition on social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Madam B, the hottest South African High School Teacher

In 2018, Lulu Menziwa‘s photos garnered widespread attention when she was captured wearing a form-fitting dress. The images ignited a discussion on the appropriateness of teachers’ attire. Some defended her, citing personal expression, while others criticized her clothing as unprofessional and distracting.

A staunch advocate for education, Lulu Menziwa firmly believes in its transformative power for a better future in South Africa. She remains dedicated to delivering quality education to all students at Umlazi High School.


The 31-year-old African teacher, Lulu Menziwa, is in a romantic relationship with an undisclosed individual. The identity of her current boyfriend remains confidential, as she prefers keeping her personal connections private. Furthermore, she has refrained from sharing any images featuring her current partner.

Madam B, the hottest South African High School Teacher

Lulu has over the years proven resilient amidst the numerous criticisms, especially concerning photos and videos in which her cleavages are well represented. She is least bothered about her critics as she goes on and on about her affairs.

She is beautiful, bold, and has actually proven to be a good influencer, both for external brands and also the teaching profession. The fact remains undeniable that she has a taste and passion for fashion. Her ability to manage classroom work with business is admirable.


The gorgeous math teacher in South Africa is making waves in education! And her students consistently ace their exams

Madam B is one qualified lady!

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