As I sat at my desk, immersed in the routine of another busy day at the office, the sudden arrival of a delivery guy broke the monotony. He handed me a sleek, black frame, adorned with a beautiful drawing that took my breath away. My eyes widened as I opened it, revealing the intricate artwork that seemed to pulse with life.

My heart skipped a beat as I read the words that accompanied the drawing, penned in a handwriting that was both familiar and endearing. “I wish I were a little bit closer to your age,” Jidenna’s message began, “I would love to give you the love you need. I’m only 27.” My smile grew wider as I gazed at the drawing, my eyes drinking in the beauty of the woman he had captured on paper.



For a moment, I forgot about the age gap, the doubts, and the fears that had held me back. All that mattered was the sincerity in his words, the longing in his eyes, and the way he made me feel seen and appreciated. I felt like a work of art, cherished and admired, my beauty finally recognized by someone who truly mattered.


As I turned to the delivery guy, my eyes sparkling with excitement, I asked the question that had become a constant refrain in my mind: “Who is this guy? How did he know where to find me?” But the delivery guy simply shrugged, his expression apologetic. “He didn’t say, ma’am. He just asked me to deliver this to your office.”


My mind raced with possibilities as I gazed at the drawing, my thoughts whirling with the implications of Jidenna’s words. How did he know my office address? Had he been following me, learning more about me, watching me from afar? The thought sent a shiver down my spine, but it wasn’t fear that I felt – it was anticipation.

I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I were to let my guard down, to allow Jidenna to get closer, to see if our connection was strong enough to bridge the gap between our ages.


My heart raced at the prospect, my soul urging me to take a chance, to see where this journey would lead. And as I sat there, surrounded by the familiar comforts of my office, I knew that I couldn’t ignore the call of my heart, the whisper of a love that seemed to be waiting just beyond the horizon.


Four days had passed, and my mind was still reeling from the impact of Jidenna’s drawings and words. I found myself lost in thought, reliving the moments when I first saw his artwork, his messages, and the way he made me feel. My days became a blur of nostalgia, my heart skipping beats as I recalled the beauty of his creations.

My colleagues and friends began to notice the change in me, the way I would suddenly smile for no apparent reason, my eyes sparkling with a joy that couldn’t be contained. They would ask, curious about the source of my happiness, but I would simply smile and shrug, unable to share the secret of Jidenna’s drawings and the way they made me feel.


As the days went by, my longing to meet Jidenna grew stronger. I found myself wondering if he would ever reach out again, if our paths would cross in a more meaningful way. And so, I decided to take a chance, to visit the cafe where our story first began, hoping against hope that he might be there, waiting for me.

I sat at the same table, sipping my coffee, my eyes scanning the room. But as the hours ticked by, my excitement gave way to disappointment. There was no sign of Jidenna, no new drawings, no messages. I left the cafe that day with a heavy heart, my hopes dashed against the rocks of reality.


As I walked home, the city streets seemed dull and gray, the world around me lacking the vibrancy that Jidenna’s artwork had brought to my life. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had been foolish to hope, to dream that our connection could be more than just a fleeting moment of beauty. But even in disappointment, my heart refused to let go of the memories, the drawings, and the words that had captured my soul.

The next morning, as I settled into my office routine, a familiar sight caught my attention – a delivery guy came in with a mysterious package that seemed to hold secrets and promises. My heart skipped a beat as I accepted the box, my mind racing with possibilities, my thoughts whirling with the potential implications of this unexpected delivery.


With trembling hands, I opened the box, revealing a stunning flower that seemed to symbolize hope and renewal, its delicate petals a testament to the beauty of life. And then, my eyes landed on a note, its words penned in a handwriting that had become all too familiar, yet still managed to send shivers down my spine.

“Do you miss me?” Jidenna’s message read, his words piercing my soul like a gentle breeze on a summer day, the simplicity of the question belied by the depth of emotion it evoked. Before I could even process my response, I found myself exclaiming, “Yes, I do!” – the words tumbling out of my lips like a confession, a surrender to the emotions that had been building inside me.


Quickly regaining my composure, I continued reading, my eyes devouring every word, every phrase, every sentence that Jidenna had written. In the next paragraph, he revealed a location near my office, instructing me to drop off the “pepper” (a clever code, I presumed) if I indeed missed him. My heart raced with excitement as I grasped the implication – he wanted to meet me, to reconnect in a way that went beyond mere messages and drawings.

The location he specified was a small, quaint shop nearby, its unassuming exterior belied by the thrill that awaited me within. I entered the shop, my eyes scanning the shelves until I spotted the designated spot, my heart pounding in my chest like a drum. With a sense of trepidation and anticipation, I deposited the “pepper” (a small, elegant box, it turned out) and made my way back to the office, my mind reeling with the possibilities that lay ahead.


What would happen next? Only time would tell, but one thing was certain – my life was about to change in ways I never thought possible. The encounter, the drawing, the messages – all had been leading up to this moment, this chance to connect with someone who saw me, truly saw me, in a way that few others ever had. And as I returned to my office, my heart still racing with excitement, I knew that I was ready, ready to embrace whatever lay ahead, ready to see where this journey would take me.

To be continued…

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