I’m Natasha, the CEO of Sunnyville Enterprises, a successful businesswoman with a warm and jovial personality. At 38, I’ve achieved professional success, but my personal life is a different story. My chubby physique and advancing age have led to rejection and disappointment in my quest for love and marriage. As I approach 40, the pressure to settle down and start a family weighs heavily on my mind.


One afternoon, during my lunch break, I stepped out to grab a bite at a nearby café. As I savored my meal, my former employee, Rachel, who I had fired for embezzling funds from my company, stormed in. Her eyes blazed with malice as she began to taunt me, her venomous words piercing my soul. “Look at you, Natasha, almost 40 and still single! You’re a failure in every aspect of your life!” she sneered. I remained silent, my smile masking the pain her cruel words inflicted.


Unbeknownst to me, a young artist, Jidenna, 27, had been observing the scene unfold. He was struck by my resilience and grace in the face of adversity. Inspired, he quickly sketched me on paper, capturing the essence of my painful smile. As Rachel departed, Jidenna discreetly handed the drawing to a waitress, instructing her to deliver it to me.


Moments later, the waitress approached me, holding out the sketch. “Someone wanted you to have this,” she said with a smile. I unfolded the paper, and my eyes widened as I took in the stunning likeness of myself. Beneath the drawing, Jidenna had penned, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Don’t let anyone steal your happiness from you.” Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as I scanned the café, hoping to catch a glimpse of my mysterious benefactor. Alas, he had vanished, leaving behind only his poignant artwork and a renewed sense of hope within me.

As I gazed at the drawing, a sense of wonder washed over me. The simple yet powerful gesture had disarmed me, reminding me that kindness still existed in a world that often seemed too cruel. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, as if Jidenna’s words had somehow absolved me of the shame and self-doubt that had been plaguing me.

With renewed energy, I finished my lunch and returned to the office, the drawing safely tucked away in my bag. The rest of the day flew by in a blur, my focus sharpened by the unexpected encounter. I tackled challenges with a fresh perspective, my confidence boosted by the knowledge that someone out there believed in me.


As the sun set over the city, I found myself pondering the mystery of Jidenna’s identity. Who was this young artist who had seen beyond my façade and touched my heart? I longed to thank him, to tell him how his gesture had impacted me. But he had vanished without a trace, leaving me with only the drawing and my imagination.

Days turned into weeks, and the memory of Jidenna’s kindness lingered, a reminder of the power of human connection. I began to approach my life with a renewed sense of purpose, my relationships with others deepening as I learned to appreciate the beauty in small gestures. And though I never forgot the young artist who had touched my heart, I realized that his true gift lay not in the drawing itself but in the courage he had inspired within me.


As I wandered through the supermarket aisles, lost in thought, my gaze scanning the shelves for the perfect ingredients, I was unaware of the surprise that awaited me. Jidenna, the mysterious artist, had also entered the store, his eyes locking onto mine with a spark of recognition. Before I could even register his presence, he had swiftly sketched me once more, capturing the essence of my being with his deft strokes.

This time, he added a romantic message, his words dripping with sincerity: “Hi, charming Natasha, fate has brought us together again. Your smile has brightened my days, and your strength has inspired me. I long to know the beauty behind your eyes, to explore the depths of your heart. May our paths continue to cross, may our connection grow stronger.”


As I reached for a jar of sauce, a gentle tap on my shoulder broke my concentration. A store employee, holding out the drawing, smiled kindly. “A guy asked me to give this to you, ma’am.” My heart skipped a beat as I unfolded the paper, my eyes drinking in the tender words and the stunning likeness of myself.

My soul soared with excitement, my mind racing with the possibility of finally meeting this enigmatic stranger. I turned to the employee, my voice barely containing my eagerness. “Where is he? The guy who gave you this?” She gestured towards the entrance, “He just stepped outside, ma’am.” I hastily abandoned my shopping cart, my feet carrying me swiftly towards the exit, my heart pounding with anticipation.


But as I burst through the doors, scanning the crowded parking lot, my eyes searched in vain for a glimpse of Jidenna’s familiar smile. He had vanished once more, leaving behind only the drawing, his words, and the promise.

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