How Body Language can communicate where you stand in your marriage

How Body Language can communicate where you stand in your marriage

Communication is a principal element of any relationship, especially in marriage where two different individuals come together to begin a new journey that will develop through their various shared experiences. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal as both are vital to expressing feelings and affection in both positive and negative contexts. While verbal communication is essential in a healthy relationship, physical body language is also key in strengthening connections in relationships, notably marriage where physical touch and movements are both instrumental love and intimacy. Facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, and body positioning are all aspects of body language.



Body language is the silent aspect of communication that exposes a couple’s feelings and conveys their thoughts in a guarded manner. Body language can manifest positively or negatively, which can reveal the state of your marriage and how in tune or incompatible you and your spouse are with each other. Body language can also be subjective in certain cultural settings, it may not be a true expression of a couple’s personalities, however understanding the importance of body language will help you and your spouse learn to express your physical attitudes towards each other better and can help prevent hurt feelings that can compromise your relationship.

Studies show that the act of studying a person’s body language is a skill everyone should possess even though it can take time to perfect depending on an individual’s emotional intelligence. It is vital to know what your spouse’s body language is saying about the state of your marriage and an opportunity to make amends without being confrontational.



You both must learn to identify the differences in your body language and what they indicate. Studies have shown that your body language expresses the way and manner you treat your spouse, and this can translate to the state of your healthy or unhealthy marriage. A spouse who feels happy and satisfied with his/her life and marriage will often express positive body language such as direct eye contact, gentle physical touch, smiling, holding hands, kissing, and cuddling. These are all obvious signs of feeling relaxed and comfortable around each other signaling mutual understanding, warmth, and emotional connection whether you are within or outside your comfort zone.



Body language can be one of the most apparent signs that reveal that something is about to turn for the worse in your marriage. A spouse who expresses negative body language will often become tense and unhappy around you, displaying minimal physical contact, and often feeling irritated around you. He/she will usually try to avoid eye contact and often shows a sign of disconnection during conversations and a feeling of discomfort when he/she is around you. Body language can be uncertain at times in situations where a spouse who is often positive can suddenly become anxious and unpredictable due to an overbearing situation within the marriage. This can bring about a mood change which can last for a moment or longer depending on the intensity of the situation. The more you are both aware and connected to each other’s physical language, the better you are to recognise where you both stand in your marriage.


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