How a man was almost killed for not taking his wife to Cloud9

How a man was almost killed for not taking his wife to Cloud9

A Zambia man nearly lost his life after he took bed matters with levity.


The Matero Local Court, Zambia, has heard how a 49-year-old man’s wife threatens to kill him for failing to satisfy her s3xually in bed.

And the court has also heard that the 32-year-old wife also threatens to start having s3x with secondary school pupils in the community school which he runs.



According to Zambia Observer, this was in a matter in which Dennis Sikanika dragged Faustina Chola to the Lusaka Matero Local Court for divorce.

How a man was almost killed for not taking his wife to Cloud9
How a man was almost killed for not taking his wife to Cloud9

Sinkala wondered why his wife was making a big deal out of his failure to s3xually satisfy her when he had made it very clear that he was unable to perform his manly duties 100 percent before they tied the knot in 2014.

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