Edo 2024: For Pot of Pottage, Odigie Mentioned Orbih

The argument that abinosm is classified as a matter of handicap is taking shape with the show of shame by Prince Emmanuel Odigie on Arise TV today. He has shown that being handicapped, he can mortgage his integrity, values and character. It was obvious that his sponsored appearance was spured by economic needs – na money dem give am.

I was told he has collected money from Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate consistently since it is obvious he is acutely handicapped like a few others who decamp only when they are paid.


I have no bitterness over how he chooses to earn his morsel of eba since his only preocupation is politics, but I am perplexed why he must mention the name of the revered and respected Chief Dan Orbih, South South Vice Chairman, PDP. Of course, when they want something from Obaseki and his losing gang, the first person to cast aspersions against is Chief. We know how they play their winning games that put food on their tables.



There is the rumour out there that Odigie, who claim to be a relative of Asue, collected the sum of 30 million Naira for this disgraceful outing where he called himself a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress.

Since he left the Obaseki’s government, this abino has gone broke. As we speak, he is in need for rents, repayment of debts and other sundries. So it is not unusual for him to go the AriseTV to attempt to have his own version of intergrity through character disintegration.


To say the least, his outing with Arise was a diagraceful one. He has a right to support his acclaimed cousin, but that should come with some form of respect for other people’s choice.


Was he expecting Chief Orbih to continue to support Obaseki’s candidate under this visible injustices meted on him and his followers for the past 3 years plus? Being an abino ought to come with sense because he is only short in pigmentation, not common sense. Is Odigie the one to instruct Chief to move to APC because he is not supporting Asue? Is it not hypocritical that he that was openly Chieftaining support openly and campaigning for the PDP candidate while in APC? So what moral value does he think he has to be asking Chief Dan, who has not openly declared for the APC candidate, to decamp, when he, Odigie, hasnt decamped to PDP? His unconscious double standard is legendary. I wish he had had courage to take the log off his eyes first before seeing that in the eyes of others.


Today, he is been disgraced out of APC in his ward; he can now continue to work openly for Asue that is faced with defeat as hundreds of PDP members are voluntarily resigning from the party across the 3 senatorial districts daily.

Perhaps by September, what will be left in their faction of PDP will be him, Asue and Obadeki.


Kadiri Idris

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