Boxing: How Isaiah Olugbemi died

Boxing: How Isaiah Olugbemi died

A Nigerian boxer, Isaiah Olugbemi, has been shot dead in Maryland, USA.

The commencement of the hearing in the case of Nicholas Francis Xavier Giroux, 36, who shot Olugbemi dead is set for July 17.

He is charged with first-and-second-degree murder of the Nigerian boxer.



Before his death, Olugbemi was a neighbour to the accused and an up-and-coming boxer.

Nicolas who is said to have killed Isaiah will be held without bond, an Anne Arundel County judge decided on Thursday.


It would be recalled that Olugbemi was found shot multiple times Monday night in the area of Meadowmist Way and Stehlik Drive in Odenton.

Despite being rushed to Baltimore, he did not survive the incident.


Detectives obtained video surveillance footage showing Giroux, walking directly to Olugbemi with a handgun before shooting him multiple times and fleeing the scene on foot, according to court documents.

According to the Police, Giroux confessed to the shooting on June 18.


Abraham Olugbemi, the victim’s brother, was quoted as saying that Giroux was Isaiah Olugbemi’s neighbour. He alleged Giroux threatened Isaiah Olugbemi at least two other times with a gun this year; once in January and a second time in June.

It was revealed that Giroux fired six to 14 shots at Olugbemi, paused and then fired at least three more times.


An Anne Arundel County judge has decided that Giroux will be held without bond.

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