Agona Nankese is located in the central part of Republic Ghana in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District.

The main occupation in the area is Cocoa farming and other minor farm activities.


On the year 2021 the acting chief of the town kicked the bucket.
The late acting chief was popularly known as Abosuapanyine Samuel and entire town turn into black but after he was buried he was replaced with a new chief called Nana Antwi who is currently the chief of Agona Nankese.


But unfortunately the new chief is actually acting strange.


He has collided with Odumasi Number two family in agona odoben to retrieve Cocoa farm lands and other properties from the good person of Agona Nankese.


The new chief and his sub elders has been able to retrieve many farm lands unlawfully from the people of Agona Nankese in including the children of their own late chief

They firstly retrieved Mr Baffoh,s land, a former pentecost pastor without any reasonable explanation.


Secondly they retrieve another farm land from Mr Evans the land has been already prepared for cultivation but they still retrieve it

They have successfully retrieved another cocoa farm which belongs to their own late chief from the orphans.


The saddest part of the story is that the farm lands are two, one belongs to the late chief and the other one is for her late wife

But all have been retrieved from the orphans without any proper explanation.


Many peoples are in the same situation in Agona Nankese.

That’s why we are calling for immediate intervention from the Higher Authorities eg,: chieftaincy minister, lawyers, Ajumaku traditional council, opinion leaders,Media houses

Or any one who is eager for assistance to retrieve our farm lands back.


Contact of the chief and sub elders

Nankese chief – 0552820698
Family head – 0545801144
Agir – 0543489128
Kofi wantwe – 0247061571


Contact of some of the effected land

Abrahim- 0536596569
Evans. – 0246815671
Kojo – 0208778289
Mr Baffoh- 0241512262

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