Afrilearn Releases World’s First Learn-and-Earn App

Afrilearn, Nigeria’s favourite learning app, has set the educational landscape excited with the launch of its revolutionary learn-and-earn app. This innovative tool has sparked widespread jubilation among Nigerian students, making learning not just accessible but also incredibly engaging and rewarding.


In a nation where quality education is a persistent challenge, Afrilearn stands out by aligning with the national curriculum to offer the most comprehensive suite of educational resources. These include curriculum-based class notes, animated video lessons, instant homework assistance, game-based exam practice, and personalised learning dashboards. This multifaceted approach empowers primary and secondary school students to learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.


Damiete Dateme, a secondary school student in Lagos, expressed her enthusiasm: “Afrilearn’s features helped me achieve straight A’s in my exams. It provides the most detailed class notes for every subject from JSS1 to SS3, and its AI assistant is incredibly helpful. The app includes past questions and timed tests for WAEC, NECO, UTME, BECE aspirants. It’s an amazing tool that I highly recommend.”



Afrilearn recognises that every child learns differently. Some students thrive on visual learning, others on reading, practice, or social collaboration. Afrilearn’s design accommodates these diverse learning styles, allowing each student to choose the method that suits them best.

Isaac Oladipupo, Co-founder and CEO of Afrilearn, remarked, “Every child has greatness within them if given the right learning style. Afrilearn is our commitment to helping Nigerian children compete globally and prepare for lifelong success.”


Afrilearn goes beyond academics by turning learning into an exciting adventure. Its gamified approach encourages students to compete with peers, earn points, and even earn money, all while enhancing their learning outcomes.

Gabriel Olatunji-Legend, Co-founder and Head of Content at Afrilearn, stated, “Learning should be a joyful journey. By integrating gamification, we inspire students to achieve greater heights and develop a lifelong love for learning.”


Emmanuel Aneri, CTO of Afrilearn, added, “With AI, we customise learning for each student. This ensures that every child receives a tailored learning experience that maximises their potential and keeps them engaged.”

Afrilearn also partners with government and schools to deliver supplementary world-class education to Primary and Secondary School learners.


Afrilearn’s contributions to education have garnered international accolades, including the Digital Innovation of the Year award from the US Chambers and recognition as the Top Education Innovation in Africa by the African Union. Supported by UNICEF for its innovative approach, Afrilearn covers a broad range of subjects from sciences to arts, transforming the educational experiences of thousands of students nationwide.

Experience the life-changing Afrilearn app for free by downloading it from the Play Store or Apple Store and embark on your journey to academic excellence. For more press resources, please click here.


About Afrilearn

Afrilearn is Nigeria’s leading gamified educational app, providing the most comprehensive curriculum-based class notes, animated video lessons, instant homework help, gamified exam practice, and personalized learning dashboards. It empowers primary and secondary school students to learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, fostering a love for learning and academic success. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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