8 behaviors Men who become wiser and more mature with age usually display

Behaviours people who are genuinely happy with themselves often display

Growing older doesn’t always equate to gaining wisdom and maturity. But, for those men who do age like a fine wine, there are some common behaviors they tend to display.

These men aren’t just getting older; they’re growing, learning, and evolving.


These eight behaviors are the signs that show a man is not only clocking up the years but also becoming wiser and more mature. In this article, we’re going to delve into these characteristics and how they manifest in everyday life.

Let’s delve into the world of wise and mature men, shall we?

1) They listen more than they speak
Wiser, mature men have a knack for listening. They’ve learned that wisdom isn’t just about doling out advice, but also about absorbing the world around them.

Listening allows these men to understand others better, learn from their experiences, and make informed decisions. It’s not just about being silent while someone else talks; it’s about genuinely engaging and showing interest in what they have to say.

These men understand that everyone they meet knows something they don’t. So, they listen carefully, seeing every conversation as an opportunity to learn something new.

This behavior is a sign of humility, wisdom, and maturity. It shows that they value other people’s perspectives, acknowledging that their own knowledge and experience are not the be-all and end-all.

So, if you see a man who prefers to listen rather than dominate the conversation, chances are he’s a wise one.


2) They aren’t afraid of change
In my own journey of growth and maturity, I’ve noticed that embracing change is a significant factor.

I remember feeling uneasy when I was first presented with a big career change. It involved moving to a new city, leaving my comfort zone. Initially, I was hesitant, but then I realized that change is a part of life and fearing it would only hold me back.

Today, I see that decision as one of the turning points in my life. It made me more resilient, adaptable, and open-minded.

Wise, mature men understand this too. They aren’t set in their ways and are open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. They know that change can lead to growth and improvement.

They don’t resist change; they welcome it. They see it as an opportunity for growth and learning, which is a clear sign of wisdom and maturity.


3) They practice empathy
Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, and it’s a trait often displayed by men who age with wisdom and maturity.

Empathy is not just about feeling sorry for someone. It’s about genuinely understanding their situation and emotions, and this understanding often guides their actions and responses.

A study found that both men and women become more empathetic as they age. This increase in empathy could be due to a greater understanding of life’s ups and downs, fostering a deeper connection with the feelings of others.

So, if you see a man who consistently shows understanding and compassion to others, it’s likely because he’s grown wiser and more mature with age.


4) They live in the present moment
One of the key teachings of Buddhism is the importance of living in the present moment. This is a trait commonly seen in men who become wiser and more mature with age.

They understand that dwelling on the past or fretting about the future is not productive. Instead, they focus on what they can control: their actions and reactions in the present moment.

In my book, “Hidden Secrets of Buddhism: How To Live With Maximum Impact and Minimum Ego“, I delve deeper into this concept. I explore how living in the now can lead to a life of greater mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.

Mature and wise men embody this principle. They don’t allow past regrets or future worries to cloud their current joy or decision-making. Instead, they focus on making the most of the here and now.


5) They aren’t afraid to show their emotions
There was a time when I equated being a “man” with being emotionally stoic. I believed that showing emotions was a sign of weakness. But as I have grown older and, hopefully, a bit wiser, I’ve realized that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Mature and wise men understand that there is strength in vulnerability. They aren’t afraid to show their emotions, be it joy, sadness, or anything in between. They know that expressing emotions doesn’t make them weak; on the contrary, it makes them human.

This openness to express and experience all sorts of emotions is a key part of emotional maturity. It’s about recognizing your feelings, understanding them, and dealing with them in a healthy manner.

So if you see a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions, it’s likely he’s grown wiser and more mature with age.


6) They admit when they’re wrong
It might seem counterintuitive, but one of the signs of a man growing wiser and more mature with age is his willingness to admit when he’s wrong.

In a society that often equates being right with being powerful, admitting a mistake can be perceived as a weakness. But wise men understand that this isn’t the case.

Admitting when you’re wrong shows humility, honesty, and a willingness to learn. It’s about recognizing that we’re all human, all capable of making mistakes, and that there’s no shame in that.

Moreover, it shows emotional intelligence. It requires self-awareness to recognize when you’ve messed up and courage to admit it.

When a man is quick to admit his mistakes and take responsibility for them, it’s likely he’s not just getting older but also becoming wiser and more mature.


7) They value relationships
Mature and wise men know the importance of relationships in their lives. They understand that success isn’t just about material possessions or career achievements, but also about the bonds they share with others.

These men invest time and energy in nurturing their relationships, be it with their family, friends, or colleagues. They’re there during the good times to celebrate and during the tough times to offer support.

They also understand that every relationship, whether personal or professional, requires effort, understanding, and compromise.


8) They continually seek self-improvement
The hallmark of a man growing wiser and more mature with age is his constant pursuit of self-improvement.

He’s not complacent or content with stagnation. Instead, he seeks to learn, grow, and evolve, whether that’s by acquiring new skills, broadening his perspectives, or working on his weaknesses.

This pursuit of self-improvement isn’t about achieving perfection but about becoming a better version of himself. It’s an ongoing journey, one that requires commitment, effort, and a positive mindset.

A man who is focused on improving himself shows that he values personal growth and is willing to put in the work to achieve it. This is a clear sign of wisdom and maturity.


Final thoughts
Growing wiser and more mature with age is less about the destination and more about the journey. It’s about embracing change, showing empathy, living in the present, expressing emotions, admitting when you’re wrong, valuing relationships, and continually seeking self-improvement.

It’s a journey filled with growth, learning, and introspection. And one where every step forward counts, no matter how small.


In my book “Hidden Secrets of Buddhism: How To Live With Maximum Impact and Minimum Ego“, I delve into some of these topics in more detail. The book provides practical steps and insights on how to live a life marked by wisdom and maturity.

But remember, becoming wiser and more mature isn’t about achieving perfection. We all have our moments of weakness or lapses in judgment. The key is to recognize these moments, learn from them, and strive to do better.


Lachlan Brown

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